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The main thing that moved, moved further, and the fame-thirsty Kiev escort models lady it or Leonardo da Vinci — on that to the nature categorically to spit. Men are compelled to move, they are compelled to make actions, they cannot take and stop. And it is faster their trouble, rather than luck or the privilege that is why the feminists adhering to similar superficial glances, simply do not understand about what they speak.

And the Ukrainian escorts ladies accusing men in egoism, do not understand that men do “affairs” not for themselves and that there was “place” where Ukrainian escorts ladies (one, Another, the third, nonexistent) could grow roots subsequently. Men is such “an evolutionary landing”, sent for a gain of new territories. It, can, would be and is glad to lie on a zavalinka, but inactivity is prepared to only fantastic characters and the persons staying in depression, or in the depression complicated by alcoholism so simply it is necessary to treat the last. If it is necessary to reproach men, only those from them who has for-gotten that behind them transports with wives and children move. However, what to reproach similar “fast walkers”? Their life will reproach, and a little to them will not seem…

To forget service for the sake of the Ukrainian escorts girl inexcusably. The captive of the mistress to be worse, rather than to be the cap-tive in the war; at the enemy be faster freedom, and at the Ukrainian escorts girl fetters can.

Peter I Veliky Philosophical interlude: “And sense in what?.”

To meet the Ukrainian escorts girl who would be puzzled by “meaning of the life”, to put it mildly, with some difficulty. I almost should advise every day Ukraine escort ladies who say that they do not know, how it to live further, but to meet the Kiev escort girl who seriously would ask the doctor, what for to it to live further, is an event casuistic! Yes if at the Ukrainian escorts girl the only child was lost or its long-term marriage has broken up, heavy chronic illness has developed or, at last, depression has simply begun, Ukrainian escorts woman with inevitability will ask the doctor: “As to me to live further?” Well, this question is logical and clear, and as to it to live, at least, while, not clearly.