Brunette Ukraine escort service ladies

Each union of the man and the Ukraine escort girl — game of these two forces: entropy and an order. The man with an enviable regularity destroys stability than creates the possibility for long-term plans and ambitious projects which, however, generally should be realised to Natasha. The man speaks: “In four years here there will be a garden city”, — but it will be only in the event that the Ukraine escort girl will take the trouble creations of this “city”.

And here now it is a high time to ask a question on egoism of men… Whether Well egoists?! Most that on is! Uniform! Egoists — any are not present in it with opinions! All something is necessary for them, all at them an ambition! And clear business to break — not to build! And after all of anybody do not think! Egoists, in a word — egoists!

Men always think of those things which lie outside of that is already reached by them, that is in “external space”, and here that is already reached, they do not think. Their slogan sounds to impropriety simply: “Further!” Whereas the woman, “sitting” that is reached (and in some cases and itself being that is reached), feels an attention lack. As the estimation, in this case, belongs to it its these reasonings are quite logical.

There is a deep, tragical discrepancy between love Ukraine escort female and love man’s, there is a strange misunderstanding and terrible estrangement. The Ukraine escort girl — the being of absolutely other order, it is ready less the person, much more nature. The Ukraine escort girl all a sex, its sexual life — all her life grasping it entirely, as it the woman, instead of the person. N.L.Berdjaev

But such estimation is how much defensible, it is how much possible to consider the man guilty in sins made to it? And at last, what with it will be if to adhere it to that place to which it has temporarily moored? Yes in a week the Ukraine escort girl herself will howl, look at this being with “dead eyes”, on it as one my patient has told not without bitter irony, “the driver of a sofa”.