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Sex with Ukraine escort agency ladyIt at it own "internal space" thanks to which Ukraine escort woman never feels lonely, rather lonely. It "the internal space" is its usual interlocutor. And the man simply does not have such interlocutor, it is informed with emptiness which is felt as it as emptiness.

"Meaning of the life" is especially man’s problem. And the Ukraine escort girl is not capable to experience, feel depth of that tragedy which consumes a man’s soul. From time to time the tragedy of own loneliness, the a liver of Prometeja chained to a rock.

That escort in Kiev lady Sasha whom you love in me, of course, better me: I not the such. But you love, and I will try to be better than myself.


To overcome a pain from a constant internal and consequently each man is a soldier in the battle in advance doomed to defeat as its purpose — "finding of meaning of the life" — is unattainable. The man is a soldier and the hero, it Edip and Gilgamesh, Moisej and Paris, Persej and Jesus. On its ways of a rock and reeves, its course, probably, it is laid incorrectly, he is trapped by sirens and a dark blue gate of Simplegad, but it goes, it overcomes own loneliness, and it is, of course, selfish, but it, the right, the absolute nonsense in comparison with what sorrows have dropped out on its share. read more →

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Enjoy Ukrainian escorts service modelsAnd only men with an enviable regularity, with an enviable constancy and sometimes absolutely, apparently, unjustly ask the psychotherapist: "the doctor, what for to me to live? What sense in it?"

Unsophisticated Ukrainian escorts lady Angelika also will not notice this difference and if will notice hardly will attach its any essential significance whereas actually before us the most important phenomenon. The Ukrainian escorts girl is not puzzled by meaning of the life as it always has it "an internal space", it "the potential child", it the keeper of a mystery of life how it can ask a question on its sense? If it also has occurred, that, possibly, would be perceived not less absurdly, than a situation such: the Buddha sits and asks itself: "What for I am a Buddha?" Well cannot be such, basically cannot!

To grieve about the one whom you love, much easier, rather than to live with that whom you hate. Jean Labrjujer

And here with men all differently. They after all as the architectural designs built under the uniform project: one bearing wall — and greetings will break, remember as called! The man is a system; not the sum, not set, not the set corrected also installations, namely system where each element, each point, each stroke is not casual. read more →

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Best Ukrainian escorts womanThe main thing that moved, moved further, and the fame-thirsty Kiev escort models lady it or Leonardo da Vinci — on that to the nature categorically to spit. Men are compelled to move, they are compelled to make actions, they cannot take and stop. And it is faster their trouble, rather than luck or the privilege that is why the feminists adhering to similar superficial glances, simply do not understand about what they speak.

And the Ukrainian escorts ladies accusing men in egoism, do not understand that men do "affairs" not for themselves and that there was "place" where Ukrainian escorts ladies (one, Another, the third, nonexistent) could grow roots subsequently. Men is such "an evolutionary landing", sent for a gain of new territories. It, can, would be and is glad to lie on a zavalinka, but inactivity is prepared to only fantastic characters and the persons staying in depression, or in the depression complicated by alcoholism so simply it is necessary to treat the last. If it is necessary to reproach men, only those from them who has for-gotten that behind them transports with wives and children move. read more →

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Gallery with Ukraine escort ladyNo, positively, adhere the man to one place, force it to be engaged in the same business so that it even in it could not make improvement, — and he will die for the next day!

Considering all told, it is necessary to recognise: the husband ranks only at "fluent survey" seem "uniform egoists". Actually they not for themselves, and for that business by which are forced to do by which they do not because "think only of them-selves" that is why that the nature has told it: "Do!" They cannot stop, and they are compelled to give themselves to the business, that seems to them at present important. They will think out explanations to why it seems to them important, they will search for the new purposes, to put before themselves new problems. But it not their own decisions, the purposes and problems; it that is made by it from above, that they should do that is why to search here for any explanations simply senselessly.

We will be always deeply grateful for those days and hours of happiness and caress which were given to us by the Kiev escort girl models favourite by us. read more →

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Brunette Ukraine escort service ladiesOscar Uajld

Each union of the man and the Ukraine escort girl — game of these two forces: entropy and an order. The man with an enviable regularity destroys stability, than creates possibility for long-term plans and ambitious projects which, however, generally should be realised to Natasha. The man speaks: "In four years here there will be a garden city", — but it will be only in the event that the Ukraine escort girl will take the trouble creations of this "city".

And here now it is a high time to ask a question on egoism of men… Whether Well egoists?! Most that on is! Uniform! Egoists — any are not present in it with opinions! All something is necessary for them, all at them an ambition! And clear business to break — not to build! And after all of anybody do not think! Egoists, in a word — egoists!

Men always think of those things which lie outside of that is already reached by them, that is in "external space", and here that is already reached, they do not think. Their slogan sounds to impropriety simply: "Further!" Whereas the woman, "sit-ting" that is reached (and in some cases and itself being that is reached), feels an attention lack. read more →