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And only men with an enviable regularity, with an enviable constancy and sometimes absolutely, apparently, unjustly ask the psychotherapist: “the doctor, what for to me to live? What sense in it?”

Unsophisticated Ukrainian escorts lady Angelika also will not notice this difference and if will notice hardly will attach its any essential significance whereas actually before us the most important phenomenon. The Ukrainian escorts girl is not puzzled by meaning of the life as it always has it “an internal space”, it “the potential child”, it the keeper of a mystery of life how it can ask a question on its sense? If it also has occurred, that, possibly, would be perceived not less absurdly, than a situation such: the Buddha sits and asks itself: “What for I am a Buddha?” Well cannot be such, basically cannot!

To grieve about the one whom you love, much easier, rather than to live with that whom you hate. Jean Labrjujer

And here with men all differently. They after all as the architectural designs built under the uniform project: one bearing wall — and greetings will break, remember as called! The man is a system; not the sum, not set, not the set corrected also installations, namely system where each element, each point, each stroke is not casual. To the Ukrainian escorts girl it is not clear, why because of “trifle” any, in her opinion, the man is ready to go on huge a victim why such here “trifle” can become for it to the most important things, the most important, the purpose of all life. And if this “trifle” gives failure the question with meaning of the life leaves on a surface and dares in no time: “There is no sense in life! No!”

If the Ukrainian escorts girl has children if it has a family, work, at least something from this list it does not lift a question on sense of the life. However, as it is always busy, and at Ukrainian escorts ladies with essential affairs always everything is all right (they are men are in a condition of incessant search of “business”), it simply has no time to be set by similar silly and senseless questions.