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No, positively, adhere the man to one place, force it to be engaged in the same business so that it even in it could not make an improvement, — and he will die for the next day!

Considering all told, it is necessary to recognize: the husband ranks only at “fluent survey” seem “uniform egoists”. Actually they not for themselves, and for that business by which are forced to do by which they do not because “think only of themselves” that is why that nature has told it: “Do!” They cannot stop, and they are compelled to give themselves to the business, that seems to them at present important. They will think out explanations to why it seems to them important, they will search for the new purposes, to put before themselves new problems. But it not their own decisions, the purposes, and problems; it that is made by it from above, that they should do that is why to search here for any explanations simply senselessly.

We will be always deeply grateful for those days and hours of happiness and caress which were given to us by the Kiev escort girl models favourite by us. It is not necessary to demand from it eternally to live and only to think of us, it is the most unworthy egoism which it is necessary to be able. F. M.Dostoevsky

To think that “all men egoists”, — means anything not to understand in man’s psychology. Ask any man: “the Ukraine escort friend that you would want above all, only it is fair?” And he will fairly answer you: “Above all, I would like to throw, sit down all and to do nothing! Here it is simple so: to sit down — and all!” But why they do not sit and why eternally something it is necessary to them? Why they it is constant in something climb, why they endlessly something  And if so and not they are guilty that all do it. Though, when do, of course, about anybody plainly do not think, but after all not for itself…

Certainly, nature does not define in what these should be engaged, — to investigate, be at war, invent, destroy, — by and large, the nature to a reality here “does not have any Ukraine escort business.