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Why is sex useful? How to make, that sex services of the prostitute have brought the highest pleasure? What are poses to be used with individualization? This and many other things you will find out in this section.

15 reasons why prostitutes of Kiev make love

1. She WISHES TO BECOME older. Prostitutes OF KIEV are generally YOUNG
On the average prostitutes of Kiev start to make this interesting and promising business at the same age, as young men – in 17 years. But there is a difference: male moves to intimate entertainments directly from “catapulting” and “frog inflation” through the “straw”. Some people even combine all these affairs for some time, so that there is no actual transition period. But here girls just from twelve (from the beginning of monthly) prepare for the solemn day of defloration. The tension accumulates: years pass, the pension is soon, and nothing still has happened. Some women can’t stand the expectation and immediately are found in someone’s bed. Meanwhile, it is possible also to earn money.
Though some girls give the money back.
«My two youngest clients were 17 and 19 years old. Both were virgins and considered that it was already too late to lose innocence in the usual way “. (From the interview with gigolo).

They hurry very much approach of this foolish period of a life since the childhood, and then for about fifty years try to lengthen unsuccessfully doubtful pleasure. In sexologists eyes, Ukraine escort female sexuality reaches a maximum only to thirty, but average frequency of contacts (if the woman is not married) from 20 to 30 years decreases in 3,5 times. Simply because the way of life is changing.
And if the prostitute tries all-out to return the lost maiden color and shine of eyes, it is quite natural to try to galvanize and other signs of young folly. That is sometimes for the sake of a shake-up to sleep around. It is good that at 30 almost third part of women reach orgasm during sex (in 20 years – only every eighth). Though prostitutes often do not receive orgasms at all.

3. PROSTITUTE wants TO be convinced, THAT she HAS not vested SO MUCH MONEY FOR SILK LINEN And renting an APARTMENT
In the opinion of 100 % of prostitutes (and in all 70 % of men), the linen is sexual. Expensive linen is at least a work of art, the aesthetic concept, and vision. And all masterpieces, credo, and concepts have no sense if mankind was not informed about them. Actually, putting on such linen is already sex, in the same way as notes on a paper are already music. And the still sense of music is that it has to be heard some day.

The Reactions of a female body on a conflict situation are blushing of the face and neck, iris-dilatation, dry mouth, frequent breathing. The Reaction on sexual excitement is exactly the same. These are hormones. When there is no more to argue about, hormones should be put somewhere. The more terribly she was cursing, and then more reconciliation is dizzy. In the basis lies the sheer chemistry, but as a result comes out admirable romance.

Prostitutes of Kiev study sex from men and many men prefer skillful and experienced partners. The paradox is present here. It is necessary to separate pleasant from useful: at first calmly and rationally learn something from the partner A, and then carry away partner B to the whirlpool of spontaneous and real passion. This nonsense occurs here already thousands of years and if there hasn’t been such exchange of experience, further then missionary pose mankind would not move on.

The item does not require comments. There are still some ancient mechanisms in the world. Aromas, cut of eyes, the form of big buttock muscle or position of hands on a steering wheel of the car. They address directly the subconsciousness of the Kievan prostitute: this genetic material is impossible to be passed because you would never forgive it yourself. This often passes towards morning.

In reply to a correct aroma, cut of eyes and form of big buttock muscle organism of the Kievan prostitute comes into a condition of readiness. And if the muscle has suddenly risen from a chair and has gone somewhere, this organism starts to search for a suitable substitution. It turns out to find her simply.

8. PROSTITUTE Wishes, THAT there must be something TO Remember about THE TRIP
Sex on the Adriatic rocks is as in the film. Generally speaking, these rocks are not remarkable by anything else, the same exists in Crimea. But the indistinct figure in swimming trunks speaks English without Slavic accent and smells with anything else but not as sunflower seeds. Therefore the figure can be used for memorizing exactly these rocks as a mnemonic association. While all happens, we enjoy heavenly blueness, shouts of seagulls and thoughts how cool we look in the opinion of hidden in rocks local pervert. On the way back we persuade the partner to be photographed by the beach photographer. On telling other prostitutes of Kiev about the holiday, drops accidentally a picture on the table.

And still, it would be good to marry. Ideally, it is desirable to combine both, but sometimes because of a shortage of time, there is no chance to choose.

To dodge from the sex, many prostitutes of Kiev tell, that they are tired or they have a headache. But when it really aches from work so that it is impossible to fall asleep, sex just perfectly helps. Doctors consider that these are endorphins that influence vitality of vessels and brain. By the way, even orgasm is not necessary here; it is desirable to sleep after sex and without it.

Making the decision is difficulty and unpleasantly, and people as can they can try to avoid this duty. They learn ready programs of actions that on the third hand their behaviour seemed to be reasonable. As a result, it is possible to reach from the doors of an apartment to the doors of the office, without ever thinking about it. And after work comes to the nearest cocktail-bar, order there two Daikiries, dance samba, talk with the long-haired young man about Uelbak’s creativity, accept the invitation for a cup of coffee … and all this time think easily about the project of alteration of an old squirrel fur coat into an elegant fur jacket. The project is generally ready to the morning. Having glanced over the snuffling under a blanket bulk, we switch on the mechanism of decision-making and come to conclusion: no, it is not absolutely my type of man’s beauty. We go to the ladder, without leaving a note. Trick happens only with those partners who didn’t manage to waken in the girl a spark of self- acknowledgment during the whole evening. Such easy themes of conversation.

Last week he was telling inspiredly to millions tele viewers about the mechanism of echolocation that finbacks posess. Spectators caught their breath, and for certain everyone would like to get acquainted with this interesting person more closely. Among them were prostitutes of Kiev much younger and nicer than me. But today in this casual company I, apparently, look the best. Therefore it is quite natural to take advantage of a situation and to probe such many-sided personality to the bottom. There can be nothing, except for these whales. Nevertheless it is pleasant: millions of other same Kievan prostitutes would never learn about it.

Many know optical trick: the heap of color points is visible on a picture but if to look at it in the special way, as if through – turns out the volumetric image of a temple of Vasily Blazhennogo or a dinosaur with a cub. At first a dinosaur is very difficult to see, you try to change a corner, distance, illumination … but when you will fill an eye, all turns out as though by itself. It is very similar to a female organism. It does not happen often just because the prostitute of Kiev does not know how it is. And consequently tries different poses, rhythms, and also as many as possible various and, we shall say directly, strange partners. Then it turns out, that thee case was not in this.
But all the same any experience is necessary.

For this purpose it is enough to show him, on what she is capable in bed – he would understand at once, that such sex-bombs do not roll on the road, and if roll, then his detonator does not approach to them on a groove. If it would not understand this, it is possible to show all the same, but someone else. Rumors would reach the darling and will cause belated repentance. And she would have a choice by that time; it is also of no small importance.

Well it is impossible not to mention at all this item. Though all the previous variants are also not a burden on prostitutes. There are many reasons for gladness in our life. The chief is to try to systematize them less.


Sex positions and character

The woman comes to the doctor:
-I and my husband do not receive satisfaction from sex services; we have already tried all positions.
– And you try, like animals. Did you see dogs in the street? Try to make love like they. Come in a week.
In seven days:
– Doctor, thanks! Your advice has helped!
– So, you have no problems now?!
– Yes, doctor, but firstly we felt shy before passers-by…

You DOUBT about your new friends… No, not a penis, only character? And what kind of secret predilections does he have? It is necessary to observe him in sex services: that he whispers on your ear, how touches your breast. At last, what kind of position he prefers and how behaves during sex. He does not even suspect that with your close look at him you see his all essence at this moment, as if on X-ray pictures. “Create a position for yourself and have a character to stand it”, – told Daniel Kharms.

It is a favorite position at sex services: classical, “missionary”: he is – on top, she is below. He likes to press down a woman with his all weight when she is in a horizontal position on a back. In general, turns out typical “sandwich”, where between his body and bed you are a “stuffing”. He, even would not realize, but he becomes excited, that this he, who is on the top so that he runs the show. Thus he usually strives to bite her earlap or dig with a passionate kiss in her neck
The diagnosis. If acts hurriedly as if rabbit, quickly take pleasure and falls off it means, that he is terribly jealous, greedy and inclined to receiving momentary sex services and on the whole is a bad lover. He has frequent headaches, sore waist, he smokes much, he is inclined to sprees, his idols –are trainer Romantsev with a cigarette-dummy and Jim Kerri.
If he moves slowly, noisily sighs and sweats much, and she does not know where to get to, if only all would end more quickly, he is a problem specimen, diffident. You will not wait from him such necessary words for girls, as: “I feel very good with you, my mousy» or cool: «baby, you are super”. He is not capable of amours and experiments in sex.

Favourite position is “doggy-style” or «Roman horsy “. »Doggie” or “horsy” this is she, certainly. And he is a «Stud» or “Tamer”.
You try to saddle it, and he is striving to be attached behind. Probably, whips your butts and continually drags your hair and demands sex service.

The diagnosis. If it “loves” strictly “there-here”, with force, silently and severely as Suvorov who has decided by all means destroy the enemy by bombing – hold! Before you (or truer – behind you) is a dangerous person with the past in condition of sex services. This type likes “bliss” from “victory”: partner is thrown down on all fours. But thus he can love with his all “study” soul his “doggy”. Loving so, that you would not escape from him alive.

The other fan of this position is romantic, adoring variations on a theme «rolling the butts» moving them to the right or to the left, swinging arms, as if wings, singing, supposing, «Ave Maria “. He can turn out to be an interesting character for communicating, but the coward, shivering from the thought that it is necessary to look into girl’s eyes, if he will find himself face to face at rendering sex services. He adores making “it” very often, with different girls. Such collector of female butts, which “are silent”, unlike eyes and lips. So is easier. Romantic does not like difficulties, escapes from the responsibility. Eats chocolate, likes strong drinks, plays casino.

Favourite position. He can have several of them, but all of them are from the area of the impossible balancing act with a heap of different accompanying intricacies. That is, everything, except for the traditional preferences in sex services.
At sexual contact starts to twist it in “units”, strives to set in a pose of “lotus”, to stretch on a twine, arranges existential sex services.
The diagnosis. As a rule, this is an aesthete longing for a tantra, listening to alternative music, often not knowing what he wants in his life. Yes, perhaps, only one – running from boredom, traditions and… Warmth. Because he is incredibly egocentric, vain and ambitious. The center of his Universe is he himself. If you will decide to remain with him- do not wait for care and attention and be ready to implement all his whims, including sex services. The unique advantage is inconceivable cleanliness.

The favourite pose is «Cat on the tree “. That is love “on weight “: both of you are standing, she is hanging on him, having clasped her legs over his waist.
He catches up you, “hangs up” on himself and starts to move with force. He does it furiously, shouts, like Tarzan (real, instead of the father of child Natasha Korolevoj). Can do it near the big mirror to admire him. Yes-yes, himself first of all. And then admire you if you are perfectly formed.
The diagnosis. He is a mad narcissus. Very often such men are engaged in bodybuilding, fitness, tennis. And bodybuilders are people with complexes, being at first dissatisfied with themselves, then – too in love with themselves due to sticking out muscles. He is incredibly polygamic, he can’t be satisfied with sex with one-two girls, ten-other are necessary for him and of course beauties. He would make you cover your apartment with his nude-photos, tell him many compliments, eat together with him his protein food necessary for bodybuilders. He listens to rock, Zemfira, does not drink alcohol and does not smoke. This is, perhaps, a plus. But because of the constant loads on the waist, by virtue of that he prefers a position “cat”, he could have problems with a backbone, he can suffer from coprostasis from infinite quantity of sex services.

Favourite position: on the side.
It overturns you sideways, lays down behind, snuggles up and puts in bends of your body. The “pretzel” or “klatch” turns out. Almost the same can be if he turns you to his face. He enjoys slow and deep penetration into you, embraces strongly, and whispers something.
The diagnosis. He is used to warming pies and soft house bedroom slippers, measured rhythm of life that ” all in order ” that an orgasm should come in time, and all was predictable in sex. Type – mummy’s boy or boring married man. Tiresome, as Charles Marx during the working on “Capital”. If the destiny would bring us together, her life will be provided “on fire” with rare sex on the side.

Favourite pose: All!
He is unique: obnoxious as the hussar, and also well-mannered as the aristocrat; he is brute and kind; he is impudent and timid, unpredictable.
The diagnosis. Such man is the universal lover. His main predilection is giving pleasures to the beloved woman. He would satisfy not only her but also receive pleasure by himself. What kind of position is then it doesn’t matter.
So if he loves, would go for the sake of you on any victims. However, he will hardly suffice for a long time: there are so many objects of adoration around.