Ukraine escort agency lady

It at it own “internal space” thanks to which Ukraine escort woman never feels lonely, rather lonely. It “the internal space” is its usual interlocutor. And the man simply does not have such interlocutor, it is informed with emptiness which is felt as it as emptiness.

“Meaning of the life” is especially man’s problem. And the Ukraine escort girl is not capable to experience, feel depth of that tragedy which consumes a man’s soul. From time to time the tragedy of own loneliness, the a liver of Prometeja chained to a rock.

That escort in Kiev lady Sasha whom you love in me, of course, better me: I not the such. But you love, and I will try to be better than myself.


To overcome a pain from a constant internal and consequently each man is a soldier in the battle in advance doomed to defeat as its purpose — “finding of meaning of the life” — is unattainable. The man is a soldier and the hero, it Edip and Gilgamesh, Moisej and Paris, Persej and Jesus. On its ways of a rock and reeves, its course, probably, it is laid incorrectly, he is trapped by sirens and a dark blue gate of Simplegad, but it goes, it overcomes own loneliness, and it is, of course, selfish, but it, the right, the absolute nonsense in comparison with what sorrows have dropped out on its share.

I write here about it, of course, from irony shares, however I want, that all the same it has been apprehended by my readers seriously. What difference because of what the Ukraine escort lady — because of “nonsense” or on “important issue” is killed? If it is killed, the occasion any more has no value. Yes, experiences of men mostly employment senseless and unjustified, but… This eternal “but”! But men — worry, and it for them spiritual wounds and true tragedy that is why — they are right or are not right — need the help and support. Finally, all of us people, and we should think about each other. Women, protect men — the goods it not only unreliable, but also fighting.